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Forum Index » » Bugs » » Mines and client crashing
 Author Mines and client crashing

Pitch Black

Joined: December 09, 2001
Posts: 547
From: Virginia/California
Posted: 2002-11-30 11:59   
Whenever a large amount of mines or bombs goes off at once and I'm looking at it my computer crashes. Note that it doesn't simply make the game slow, it actually crashes my computer - I need to manually restart. System details:

Athlon XP 1600+
Radeon 8500 w/ Omega 2.4.39 drivers
256mb RAM
latest directx

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Joined: April 28, 2002
Posts: 70
From: Nashville, GA
Posted: 2002-11-30 12:03   
I've got problems here too, I think its a graphics overload. The mines go boom and everything gets real slow and chunky for 5-20 secs. It's especially bad when some poor fool is sitting in the midst of them and dies when they all go up.

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