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 Author problem with Bibit subscripe page status
BIOnics Industry Syndicate

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1955
From: Denmark
Posted: 2002-11-02 03:37   
i was trying to redo my subscription status and there was some options missing from the bibit adon page

1. no other options for subscription other than 1 month payments

2. Dankort payment method is missing from the select sub payment page

last time i payed i could use the Dankort card its missing even if i have allready used that the last time and it clearly states that you can use it on bibit info page.

this should be changed since Dankort is the most used card for online -payment in denmark on all danish websites and international that suport danish users.


All international payment methods plus

Off-line Bank Transfer

P:@12 C:$38

LOVE the smell of human flesh in the morning smells like MVictory

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