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eXcellent Strategists

Joined: December 16, 2001
Posts: 664
Posted: 2003-11-28 14:25   
Gideon just posted the new Earth textures..
Gonna edit this if he posts more




What earth will look like..


KC, hf means have fun!

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You cannot win a war!


Joined: December 01, 2002
Posts: 355
Posted: 2003-11-28 14:30   
I saw it when he posted, damn nice:) Excellent job...I wonder if I can bomb Al's home without hitting mine..

Axianda The Royal

Terra Squadron

Joined: November 20, 2001
Posts: 4273
From: Axianda
Posted: 2003-11-28 14:39   

i can see my home from that High picture.

- Axi


Terra Squadron

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 282
From: Western Australia
Posted: 2003-11-28 19:15   
I'm assuming you'll put an atmosphere layer over it?

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Joined: January 21, 2002
Posts: 2001
From: Redmond,WA,USA
Posted: 2003-11-28 19:19   
Yes. perhaps with clouds.



Joined: January 21, 2002
Posts: 2001
From: Redmond,WA,USA
Posted: 2003-11-29 00:27   
Earth seems a bit warmer than it used to be....pretty green

DOM700 [-IMO-]

Joined: July 26, 2001
Posts: 3175
From: Eckental, Germany, Sol-System
Posted: 2003-11-29 03:04   
OMG Florida is connected with the rest of america
And the Panama channel is no longer flooded!! I want the old textures
If the buildings on your planets disappear, guess who was there....

Never forget what you fight for
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Galactic Navy

Joined: April 30, 2002
Posts: 830
From: Land of Chocolate
Posted: 2003-11-29 04:50   
Here is another bunch of Gideon Pictures, these featureing Exathra.
Its another thread, I know.
Captain of the StarCruiser
I hit planets for fun!
Spellchecker, the POWER t00l


Joined: October 31, 2001
Posts: 299
From: Belgium
Posted: 2003-11-29 15:20   
i don't see my house

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Sorn Duskryn -{Shadewalker}- -VA-

Joined: March 31, 2002
Posts: 308
From: Near Reloads
Posted: 2003-11-29 18:37   
im looking forward to play DS with this graphic....

gratz gid!!!
Born to Die

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Pitch Black

Joined: September 06, 2002
Posts: 806
From: The Zoo
Posted: 2003-11-29 18:49   
I can see my house, in all the pictures, w00t
Live by the sworde, die by the sworde

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Eledore Massis [R33]
Templar Knights

Joined: May 26, 2002
Posts: 2694
From: tsohlacoLocalhost
Posted: 2003-11-29 20:38   
i can almost see the big river next to my town
o wel there darn nice
but above all i would love to see diferent buildings and for the units a litle camp or somthing
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