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 Author 12/02/04 meeting log

Galactic Navy

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From: Too Close for Comfort
Posted: 2004-12-02 21:08   
02:07:01 Vinco: "And let the meeting begin"
02:06:56 Demorian: "There he is."
02:07:00 [Admin]Faustus: "gotta go refill my coffee..."
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02:07:27 Vinco: "Please whisper any questions to Demorian or myself."
02:07:47 Vinco: "First: The point of this meeting"
02:08:08 Vinco: "As many of you know, Faustus is getting ready to start licensing Medusa and GameCQ to game developers"
02:08:42 Vinco: "To aid this effort, we are trying to revamp the Palestar website to market these programs, and to link to sites useful to game developers"
02:09:04 Vinco: "We're looking for community involvement in getting together interesting content for the site"
02:09:13 Vinco: "I'll turn to Demorian for a few specifics"
02:09:09 Demorian: "Footnote: This website can be viewed here."
02:09:48 Demorian: "Alright, if you look at the website, you'll basically see a skeleton of the current DarkSpace website."
02:10:50 Vinco: "RealTorment: "Can we give input about future updates to Darkspace?""
02:11:00 Vinco: "This is separate from Darkspace development"
02:11:06 Demorian: "Only this one is geared toward GameCQ and Medusa development, which is its purpose. Basically, what Faustus wants to do (and what Vinco and I have been asked to help him with) is flesh out this site with content so that Palestar can be ready to move towards its current goals."
02:11:22 Vinco: "All suggestions for Darkspace are still needed, but in the current developer suggestions thread"
02:11:48 Demorian: "For clarification, what Palestar is currently looking to do is make GameCQ a program used as a Lobby for more than just DarkSpace, and switching to those other games would be as easy as switching from DS to DS Beta is now."
02:12:10 Demorian: "BackSlash: Will the website show the releases of games that have been made using Medusa/GameCQ, or will thier be no advertisment?"
02:12:13 [Admin]Faustus: "OK... I'm back..."
02:12:16 Demorian: "Definitely."
02:12:45 Demorian: "Faustus, before I get to the specific things Vinco and I are going to call for assistance with, is there anything you want to add about the general direction of Palestar and/or the website design?"
02:13:06 [Admin]Faustus: "Bascially, demo is right... the palestar.com site needs to be geared towards developers..."
02:13:26 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, we will be putting Medusa up there... including documentation"
02:13:41 [Admin]Faustus: "and GameCQ SDK system..."
02:13:50 [Admin]Faustus: "GameCQ is basically 2 parts... "
02:14:23 [Admin]Faustus: "first part is the SDK and side of GameCQ that developers can use to hook their games into the GameCQ backend, much like the GameSpy system does now... although nice, it's not required..."
02:14:36 [Admin]Faustus: "second part... is publishing of games via GameCQ... "
02:14:40 [MUTED] Smith: "will the programs include thing from the ds engine like netcode etc for full devlopment of games?"
02:14:55 [Admin]Faustus: "02:14:40 [MUTED] Smith: "will the programs include thing from the ds engine like netcode etc for full devlopment of games?""
02:15:00 [Admin]Faustus: "@smith... YES"
02:15:22 [Admin]Faustus: "nothing DS specific... but the entire networking and distributed server back-end will be included with Medusa.."
02:15:33 [Admin]Faustus: "02:15:17 [MUTED] BackSlash {DSUKM}: "Will the website show the releases of games that have been made using Medusa/GameCQ, or will thier be no advertisment?""
02:16:02 [Admin]Faustus: "Yes, very limited and un-intrusive ads ... basically, a screen shot over on the right hand sidebar..."
02:16:37 [Admin]Faustus: "but you would find most of the games, by clicking on a "Games" button... and seeing games that are available, coming soon, or installed.."
02:16:53 [Admin]Faustus: "much like steam already does... "
02:17:04 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, this would become a "Steam" for indy developers.."
02:18:08 [Admin]Faustus: "BTW.... I have an XBOX dev box here at the house now... 2015 may be getting involved with DS now.. "
02:18:33 [Admin]Faustus: "02:18:01 [MUTED] BackSlash {DSUKM}: "More of a clarification issue, will people who buy the licenses, have access to ANY of the darkspace source? Basicly, can they make copies of the game?""
02:18:58 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash... DS source will not be available.... the Medusa engine, which is 75% of DS will be.."
02:19:22 [Admin]Faustus: " Vinco whispered "Smith whispered "so does that mean u can play multiple games from one cq?"""
02:19:26 [Admin]Faustus: "@smith... yes"
02:20:07 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash.... basically, I'll be putting up everything someone would need to make an MMO of their own.."
02:21:12 Demorian: "I remind everyone that this meeting is about the Palestar website redesign, so questions about DarkSpace development and DarkSpace itself should be minimized. Thank you."
02:21:16 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash... first off, we'll just release the Medusa source, later I'll write an example/test game using the Medusa..."
02:22:02 Demorian: "OOOO Thank you, Faustus, Vinco and I were discussing such a game earlier."
02:22:06 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm currently in the process of moving the "World" code from DS into Medusa... thats the part that has Nouns/Verbs, the world management, collision detection, client, and distributed server back-end... "
02:22:28 [Admin]Faustus: "[PB]Archon {Absolut} whispered "ok, there has been specualation, and or rumors of an "end" of DS.... could you clearify the direction of this game and how this new direction with the Xbox thing and Medusa etc will effect everything?""
02:22:45 [Admin]Faustus: "@archon... first off, any of this speculation is just rumors... "
02:23:39 [Admin]Faustus: "and it's simple not true, the last few weeks have been spent on the web-site back-end redesign... I'm busting my ass on DS, the website, gamecq, everything... I'm also the lead-programming at 2015 on their next game at the same time.."
02:24:19 [Admin]Faustus: "with today's developments, 2015 may be finally ready to pursue working with DS... and making an XBOX version of the game..."
02:24:55 Demorian: "Alright, without further ado..."
02:25:04 [Admin]Faustus: "if that happens, I plan to keep the XBOX/PC version using the SAME exact source code... so this means, if 2015 does move ahead with making an XBOX version... the PC version will get all the new features and content of the XBOX version as well..."
02:25:46 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash... the source code / forums will be restricted to only those who paid for Medusa... $99 for a year access..."
02:25:54 [Admin]Faustus: "thats the current plan... "
02:27:07 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, I want to do something along the same lines at garage games... and game can be made with Medusa for $99 so long as the number of subscribers is under 2000 or some number..."
02:27:17 Demorian: "Again, this is not a developer chat, please do not ask questions that are completely unrelated to the PaleStar website redesign."
02:27:39 [Admin]Faustus: "once they go above a number of subscribers/players, they will be considered a commercial product.. and a royalty will kick in..."
02:28:24 [Admin]Faustus: "however.... I may just release Medusa for free, and they only charge if they sell the game..."
02:28:36 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm up in the air on the subject.. what do you guys think?"
02:29:24 [ C `]Dwarden: "there are some engines already selling for 100"
02:29:56 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... lets discuss the Palestar website..."
02:30:01 [Admin]Faustus: "enough questions... "
02:30:22 Demorian: "Alright, on to the next order of business, which is why we're holding a MEETING on this! Imagine that."
02:30:29 [Admin]Faustus: "we'll hammer out the details on if Medusa will be GNU or cost money later..."
02:30:39 Vinco: "So... the reason most of you are here... What we need from you, the community."
02:31:07 Demorian: "As some of you may have imagined, community help would greatly increase the rate of completion for the palestar site."
02:31:48 Vinco: "While some of the features require mod/admin access, there's a lot that players can do to help."
02:31:55 Demorian: "So, if you see one of the following suggested methods of helping and would like to do so, please let Faustus, Vinco, or myself know as soon as you can."
02:32:27 Demorian: "Lawman: "Then how about when one of asks to speak nicely you will unmute us?""
02:32:37 Demorian: "There will be an open question session when I finish up here. Please be patient "
02:32:45 Demorian: "Anyway, here are the areas in which we could use assistance:"
02:33:23 Demorian: "First of all, the site will need to list links to various independent game developers so that it begins to form a hub for such groups.""
02:34:06 Demorian: "We're talking about groups of developers that might share ideas with each other, or open source their stuff, etc... that may be interested in something like GameCQ as a lobby for their games."
02:34:07 [Admin]Faustus: "(Game Development Resource Links)"
02:35:06 Demorian: "As such, one thing you can all do to help is FIND people like this and let us know where they are... we're not asking you to contact them, and that is certainly unnecessary... but if you are aware of such links or are willing to help us hunt them down, let F, Vinco, or I know and we'll be glad to accept your assistance."
02:35:18 Demorian: "Anything you wish to add on this particular item, Faustus?"
02:35:58 [Admin]Faustus: "!Game Development Resources!... such as articles on 3D rendering, graphics, AI, etc.... basically, content that is open/free that we can host on the palestar site.."
02:35:59 Demorian: "Lawman: "If they are signifintly intrested we can sell for them at a reduced price but our and thier web site have to link to each other.""
02:36:05 Demorian: "That is a Palestar business decision Left to Faustus."
02:36:50 [Admin]Faustus: "and game development links to other game dev sites, like Garage games, Gamasutra, etc..."
02:37:49 [Admin]Faustus: "like I said, we want to gear the palestar.com site towards other game developers.. so it needs to have resources they can use to make their games.."
02:38:54 Vinco: "So... the second thing. Obviously, we can't think of everything. WE need suggestions for worthwhile content of any type."
02:40:02 [Admin]Faustus: "02:39:37 [MUTED] BackSlash {DSUKM}: "DarkSpace website look is old, and doesnt need to be the same for Medusa etc does it?""
02:40:15 Vinco: "If any of you speak multiple languages, or know anyone who can help us with translations, please let us know."
02:40:21 [MUTED] BackSlash {DSUKM}: "Would help people understand that its different if it looked different."
02:40:40 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash.. no it doesn't, but we need an experienced web developer to overhaul the appearance... it's alot of work."
02:41:06 Demorian: "And we currently don't have that "
02:42:01 Vinco: "As a reminder, please post suggestions at www1.palestar.com/palestar. There are forums there for that purpose."
02:43:28 Vinco: "So... Let's wrap the meeting up. Dem, would you give a summary of what we need?"
02:45:01 Demorian: "Surely. So, for NOW, that's basically it, folks... let Faustus, Vinco, or myself know if you want to help with one of the following items for the Palestar Site: 1) FIND Game Dev Resource Articles, as described so articulately by Faustus, and FIND links to game development sites like Garage Games and Gamasutra."
02:45:18 Demorian: "2) Translating the Manual and other work done by the website staff."
02:46:01 Demorian: "And finally, something you don't need to volunteer for, GIVE US FEEDBACK! There are forums for that at the website (which, again, is http://www1.palestar.com/palestar)"
02:46:27 Demorian: "err, http://www1.palestar.com/palestar"
02:47:05 [Admin]Faustus: "actually... http://www.palestar.com"
02:47:08 Vinco: "We hope to get the majority of this work done within the next 2 months, so any help is greatly appreciated."
02:47:26 Vinco: "Ahhh... Thanks for the update, Faustus."

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In Another Place

Honor is all.


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Posted: 2004-12-03 06:15   
I can help looking for German links - I just need to know exactly what to look for. I can read and write German but my Grammar is not perfect

  Email Scotty

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From: East Windsor, NJ, USA
Posted: 2004-12-03 14:39   
I know of some good places with freelance devs. I'll see if I can get you guys some links. That's my small contribution.


  Email Axalon

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Posted: 2004-12-04 16:22   
Dutch and French translation if you like. I'd have to brush up my french a bit though.

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