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 Author Question Reguarding Medusa Development

Joined: December 02, 2002
Posts: 20
From: Phoenix, Arizona
Posted: 2005-01-03 04:02   
I have a question reguarding Medusa... well not so much itself but a general question about Graphics Engines...

I am in the prossess of learning C++ for game development so I can help a friend out and one problem we both are encountering is lack of any information on what a graphics engine really is and how to create one.

Well I figured i'd ask someone I know at least created one already to see if i can get some information about whats really involved in creating one and intigrating it into a working game.

Any comments you can give me?
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Joined: February 07, 2003
Posts: 860
Posted: 2005-01-03 17:52   
A graphics engine is just something that handles all of the rendering to the screen so you can see the game. To create a graphics engine you need to know a lot about Direct3D and/or OpenGL. Creating a graphics engine is a very long process and I suggest you use a graphics engine already made. OGRE 3D is a very good open source engine so you can use it and see what is involved in making a graphics engine. If you know c++ very well then you can use a graphics engine to make the visual part of the game, but you won't be able to get physics, networking, and other stuff like that. If you want a list of game engines go to http://www.3dengines.net for a list of engines. I hope this helps and good luck with your game or engine.

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