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 Author sorry but..

Joined: June 06, 2003
Posts: 449
From: USA, WI
Posted: 2005-07-03 01:57   
Seeing "No posts" in the list is just not right for any forum. So I am taking the initiative to change the norm of life for this forum.

I herby declair this forum to now have a post in it!

Am I good or what?
Nindol tangi, dos zhal zah'har l' jiv'undus d'
natha szithrel Tagnik'zun elggor

Sayin Crowe
Raven Warriors

Joined: June 06, 2005
Posts: 75
From: Clinton, MO
Posted: 2006-06-24 19:05   
i call dibs on the 2nd post!

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