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 Author Disappearing Room Occupant List

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 5726
From: The Land of Taxation without Representation
Posted: 2002-02-21 15:54   
Found a nifty little bug today... not really a problem, as it doesn't occur often and is easy to fix, but I thought I should post it anyway.

Here's how to get the bug:

  1. Resise the chat window so that the occupant list is displayed on two columns.
  2. Hit the scroll bar so that you're looking at the rightmost column.
  3. Now resise the chat window so that all the names could fit in one column.

You should find that the names will all disappear. To get them back, just make the window smaller so that there are again multiple columns and scroll to the left, then make the window bigger. Works like a charm. Or something.

Pretty exciting, eh? Too bad it can't make you invisible too... go into stealth mode..
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